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3" Diamond Foam Car Polisher Pad Orange Polishing Sponge


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A great quality Pro-Max 3" diamond foam orange polishing pad with Velcro (hook and loop) backing.

Pro-Max orange diamond foam polishing pads are universal and multi-purpose, they have a light cutting action and will remove scratches and swirl marks while leaving a level and smooth surface. These foam pads can be used in conjunction with heavy polishing compounds or micro-fine compounds.

Product Specifications

Diameter: 3"

Width: 1"

Maximum Speed: 2500rpm

Backing: Velcro

Quantity: 1 (One)

Important Notes:

The professional bonding process of the pads ensures that the foam pads can be gently washed, and you can use the warm water below 60 degrees and a gentle detergent, then gently wring out excess water by hand. We suggest that the sponge should not be used until it has been fully air dried.

These diamond foam polishing pads are to be used with suitable polishing compounds and running the pads dry will shorten their life expectancy. Please keep pads moist with polishing compounds.

Due to the nature of the material, foam pads are porous and do not offer a totally stable surface for the adhesion of the Velcro layer to the pad. As a result the foam pads must be carefully removed and not ripped off from the backing pad otherwise the Velcro layer may separate from the foam pad. There is no warranty offered if the foam pads are damaged by not carefully removing them from the backing pad.