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Pro-Max Bench Grinder Metal Polishing Spindle Adapters Set 12.7mm - 1/2"


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These great quality Pro-Max 1/2" 12.7mm bench grinder metal polishing spindle adapters convert your 6" bench grinder into a metal polishing machine and are used for attaching metal polishing and buffing wheels up to 6" in diameter (150mm).

The right hand spindle adapter comes in two sections and now includes a tapered mandrel which you can use to attach polishing buffing wheels to a drill.

Fitting instructions are included.

IMPORTANT: Please check the shaft diameter of your machine before you place your order.

Adapter Specifications:

Internal bore: 12.7mm or 1/2"

Total length: 125mm

Length of taper: 55mm

Diameter of body: 20mm

Taper: 5mm - 20mm