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Alloy Wheel Metal Polishing Kits

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Pro-Max Alloy Wheel Metal Polishing Kits.

Select from our comprehensive range of quality Pro-Max alloy wheel polishing kits, ideal to clean, restore and polish alloy wheels to absolute perfection.

Pro-Max alloy wheel polishing kits contain all you will need to achieve outstanding results in the comfort of your own home and workshop, including quality metal polishing mops and wheels, aluminium metal polishing compounds, adaptors to convert your drill into a metal polishing machine, mounted felts to fit into small and awkward areas and mounted dome, cylinder and goblet polishing mops.

All the kits come with a polishing guide that will guide you through the process of polishing and has tips and hints on making the job easier to get professional results.

These alloy wheel polishing kits are ideal are also ideal for polishing and buffing alloy fuel tanks, rocker covers, engine casings, front forks, swing arms and a whole lot more.

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