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Pro-Max 1.3m Flexi Drive Shaft Drill Extension With 6mm Chuck


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A 1.3m long flexible drive shaft that will fit directly into the chuck of any cordless or electric power drill. The reinforced ends and anti-kink design prevents wear and helps provide a long working life. A 6mm (1/4") capacity chuck makes changing bits easy and the plastic hand grip provides a firm hold making the shaft easy to guide when in use. Using a flexible drive enables you to take your power tool to the most inaccessible places. It may be used with polishing kits, drill bits, wire brushes, countersinks, flap wheels, mounted stones and grinding wheels. The flexi drive shaft is ideal for intricate work and will accept tools with a 6mm (1/4") shaft diameter. The maximum load speed for the flexi drive shaft is 5000rpm. The length of the flexi drive shaft is 1300mm (51").