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Aluminium Alloy Brass Copper Metal Polishing Buffing Kit 15pc 3" x 1/2" Pro-Max


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From our best-selling range of Pro-Max metal polishing and buffing kits comes this great quality deluxe flexi-drive set that converts your drill into a metal polishing machine ideal for polishing and buffing aluminium, alloys, brass, copper and other soft metals.

The kit comes with a metal polishing guide and the accessories that come with this kit can be used directly on a standard electric drill or attach the flexi-drive and use the accessories to get into those hard to reach places.

This Comprehensive Metal Polishing Kit Includes:

1 x Pro-Max Tapered Mandrel Drill Adaptor.

1 x each 3" x 1/2" Pro-Max Sisal, Colour Stitch And "G" Loose Fold Metal Polishing Wheels.

1 x each 100g Bar Pro-Max Brown and Blue Metal Polishing Compounds.

1 x Pro-Max 51" (1300mm) Flexi Drive Shaft With 6mm Chuck.

1 x Pro-Max 1.5" (38mm) Mounted Cylinder Polishing Wheel.

1 x Pro-Max 2.4" (60mm) Mounted Dome Polishing Wheel.

1 x Pro-Max 2" (50mm) Mounted Goblet Polishing Wheel.

2 x Pro-Max 1" (26mm) Mounted Cylinder Polishing Felts.

2 x Pro-Max 0.9" (20mm) Mounted Conical Polishing Felts.

1 x Pro-Max Micro Fibre Cloth.