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Clarke 6" 500W Bench Polisher With 6" Metal Polishing Kit


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This great quality Clarke 6" 500W dedicated bench polisher is designed for quick and easy polishing of all metals and includes an eleven piece Pro-Max general purpose metal polishing kit ideal for polishing aluminium, alloys, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel. The efficient 500W motor provides sufficient power for most tasks and comes with a solid cast iron base which reduces vibration.

The machine comes with two standard 6" x 1" polishing wheels that fit directly onto the main shaft of the machine and then a pair of 16mm, 5/8" spindle adapters that then use the set of three Pro-Max polishing mops. This kit also comes with our Pro-Max Metal Polishing Guide which will take you step by step through the metal polishing process.

Machine Specifications.

Motor Power: 500W

No Load Speed: 2850rpm

Spindle Diameter: 16mm

3 Pin UK Plug.

This Machine and Kit Includes:

1 x Standard 6" x 1" Stitched Polishing Wheel

1 x Standard 6" x 1" Loose Fold Polishing Wheel

1 x Pair Pro-Max 16mm, 5/8" Left & Right Hand Spindle Adaptors

1 x Pro-Max 6" x 1" Sisal Polishing Wheel

1 x Pro-Max 6" x 1" Colour Stitch Polishing Wheel

1 x Pro-Max 6" x 1" "G" Loose Fold Polishing Wheel

1 x Each 100g Bars Of Pro-Max Brown, Blue, Black, Green & White Metal Polishing Compound.

1 x Pro-Max Microfibre Cloth

1 x Pro-Max Polishing Guide