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Marpol F3 Super Finish High Gloss Car Polish

SKU: F300-0250


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Marpol F3  Super Finish High Gloss Car Polish is the ultimate super polishing polish that provides rapid removal of holograms, circular scratches and minor scratches on new and old paint. Designed for exceptionally high brightness. The paste can be used on new and old worn painted surfaces and gives an extraordinary high gloss finishing shine. This is an excellent finishing liquid polish designed to be used in the vehicle detail polishing and cleaning industries

Developed in our own in-house laboratories this compound gives you a truly high performance finish thanks to the latest polishing technologies.

Cut - 2      Gloss - 9


  • High gloss compound
  • Leaves a micro-scratch-free surface
  • Premium polishing compounds 
  • No dust formation
  • Easy paste to handle
  • Silicone-Free