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Angle Grinder Metal Polishing Kit For Aluminium Alloy Brass 5pc - Felt Flap



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Our best selling range of Pro-Max angle grinder metal polishing and buffing kits comes with great flexibility as you can easily convert your existing angle grinder into a metal polishing and buffing machine.

This kit comes with our new 250g polishing compounds and is used for polishing and buffing Aluminium, Alloys, Brass, Copper and other soft metals, and includes metal polishing instructions.

This great quality 7pc polishing kit includes:

4 x 115mm Angle Grinder Flap Felt Polishing Buffing Wheels.

Suitable for all types of 115mm Angle Grinders.

Maximum 12000 RPM.

1 x 250g Bar Pro-Max Brown Metal Polishing Compound.

1 x 250g Bar Pro-Max Blue Metal Polishing Compound.

1 x 250gsm Pro-Max Microfibre Cloth.

1 x Metal Polishing Guide.