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Pro-Max Bench Grinder Metal Polishing Right Hand Spindle Adapter 16mm - 5/8"



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This great quality Pro-Max 5/8" 16mm right hand bench grinder metal polishing spindle adapter converts your 8" bench grinder into a metal polishing machine and is used for attaching metal polishing and buffing wheels up to 8" diameter (200mm).

Fitting instructions are included.

IMPORTANT: Please check the shaft diameter of your machine before you place your order.

Adapter Specifications:

Internal bore - 16mm or 5/8"

Total length - 150mm

Length of taper - 68mm

Diameter of body - 25mm

Taper - 5mm - 25mm

Please Note: From the front position (the position you operate the machine from) the adapter fits on the right hand side.