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Pro-Max Chrome 250g Metal Polishing Compound 3pc Kit

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Pro-Max Chrome metal polishing compound is a type of abrasive compound that is specifically designed to polish and remove scratches from chrome-plated metal surfaces. The compound bars contains a blend of fine abrasive particles which is suspended in a wax base.

To use Pro-Max chrome metal polishing compound, you typically apply a small amount of the compound to the polishing buffing wheel or mop and then gently apply it onto the chrome surface in circular motions. The abrasive particles in the compound help to remove any scratches or imperfections in the chrome, while the grease or wax base provides lubrication to prevent further damage.

Pro-Max chrome metal polishing compound is commonly used by automotive enthusiasts to restore the shine and lustre to chrome wheels, bumpers, and trim. It can also be used on other chrome-plated objects, such as kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and musical instruments.

This Great Quality 3pc General Purpose Metal Polishing Buffing Compound Kit contains:

2 x 250g Bars of Pro-Max Pink Metal Polishing Compound.

Bar Size: 115 x 40 x 35mm Each

Bar Weight: Approx. 250g

1 x Pro-Max Microfibre Cloth