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Silverline 2pc Goblet Metal Sanding Wheel Set 240 Grit

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These quality Silverline metal sanding mops are constructed from nylon web, impregnated with abrasive grains.

The nylon has a high level of resistance to pulling and ripping. As the nylon material wears away, new abrasive material is exposed to maintain a uniform level of sanding action.

Guaranteed 100% burr-free use.

Open structure: no clogging up.

Water-resistant: can be used with cooling agents.

Minimal material removal and a perfect finish.

6mm diameter arbour fits most power drills.

The 2pc set includes:

1 x 50mm (2") Goblet Metal Sanding Mop

1 x 75mm (3") Goblet Metal Sanding Mop

Arbour: 6mm

Grit: 240

Maximum RPM: 3000